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Perfectly Unmatched by Liz Reinhardt

Perfectly Unmatched (Youngblood, #2)Perfectly Unmatched by Liz Reinhardt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Benelli Youngblood is dedicated to her family. Unlike her unpredictable, selfish siblings, Benelli plans to do what’s expected of her: get married to a good, stable man who will help her father save his floundering business. And she’s sure her current boyfriend is that man.

When she catches said boyfriend sleeping with his secretary, she hops the first plane to her family’s summer house in Hungary armed with a list of eligible men from solid families to go on dates with so she can find the perfect marriage partner. It may sound old-fashioned, but it’s what’s always worked for her family, and it’s how she’ll mend her shattered heart.

What she doesn’t plan on is falling for Cormac Halstrom. The witty, sexy professor with no interest in business or marriage couldn’t be further from the right choice for her. But his hot kisses and sweet words make her feel something she hasn’t in years; she finally feels like herself.

When things go too far with Cormac and her family shows up unexpectedly, Benelli will have to decide if she’s going to listen to her heart or her head when it comes to finding her perfect match.

PERFECTLY UNMATCHED is a new adult novel that contains mature language, sexuality, and adult situations

Jen's Review

Cute story - i don't think I have as much enthusiasm for it as everyone else though. It was cute, I enjoyed it, but there were things I just didn't get. Hungarian humor I think .. sorry :)

The book starts off with Banilli doing what she does best. Taking care of her family. Her family means everything to her. And no matter what, she'll do whatever she has to, in order to keep it happy.
Since her brother Winch ran off with the woman he fell in love with, and her oldest brother is in Rehab. Her two younger brother and sister are too young, so it all falls down to her.

She goes to the summer cottage in Hungary. She isn't there to play and enjoy her summer, she is there to find the husband that will best fit in with the family business. She has a list of suitors that her parents came up with. So she has to go on dates with them all, and pick the one that she connects with the most.

The guys she dates are not as exciting as it should be though. She doesn't feel that connection with them. She knows it's not love she's looking for, but she is hoping one of them will have SOME kind of click with her.

It's during one of the times that she's trying to get away from a date, when she stumbles over a tree root and falls literally into Cormac's lap.
With a few tangling of arms and legs, they finally stand upright. He helps her escape, and asks her out to coffee.

They find out they have an instant attraction towards each other, and they just click with each others personalities.

But when Benilli tells Carmac what her summer plans are, he can't help but feel hurt. But he's ok with doing whatever he can to spend any amount of time with her. Even though she's trying to find a husband, and he's defiantly not worthy of her father's approval.

They spend more and more time together, even though they don't mean to, and they end up getting deeper and deeper with their feelings.

But can Benilli go against her father's wishes and marry for love instead of the family business? Can Carmac find it in his heart to let Benilli go when her parents get into town, knowing they want her to be with someone else?

Cute story - it was a fun different change of pace with a new idea of getting together.

I understand this is book #2 - I read it first, and I see Benilli's brother and his girlfriend in the book. I'm assuming they're book one.
I'm curious about book #3 now though. Lala needs her HEA - and so does Ithica ... I'll probably pick up book #1 and check it out. I'm curious about learning more about the "family business" that's going on in this series :)

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