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Review: Blood Memories by Barb Hendee

October 7th 2008 by Roc Trade (first published 1998)    Blood Memories (Vampire Memories #1) by Barb Hendee
Blood Memories (Vampire Memories #1) by Barb Hendee
For ages, they have lived among mortal men, surviving in the shadows, hiding their true selves from the eyes of humanity - until now.

Eleisha Clevon is irresistibly pretty - with a mane of golden locks surrounding innocent hazel eyes and the face of a teen angel. But she is no angel. And she's far older than she looks. Like most vampires, she has a special gift. In her case, it's the ability to make men want to care for her. A few even survive the experience. Eleisha doesn't like to kill, but self-preservation comes first.

So when an old friend destroys himself by walking into sunlight right in front of her, Eleisha is shocked. And what she finds afterward points to how very sick of life her friend had become - piling drained corpses in the basement and keeping records of other vampires' real names and addresses. That's a problem.

Because now there are policemen on the case: two very special humans with some gifts of their own. They know who Eleisha is and, even more dangerous, what she is. But Eleisha realizes that being known and understood may have its attractions - even if it puts her and all her kind at risk.

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Rating: 2.5/5 Stars
Eleisha was born in the 1800s.  A daughter to a servant and soon after a servant herself.  All in one single day Eleisha was turned Vampire against her will and shipped off to America.

What I loved about Blood Memories was the mix of past and present.  I enjoyed how the past is delivered- through memories via telepathy.  This novel has a strong mental focus.  Telepathy, be it psychometry or mind reading.  Telepathy is a skill that is either being coveted or honed by Vampires and Humans alike.  Blood Memories mostly takes place physically in Portland.  But since the characters are able to slip into the thoughts and memories of others I was taken to other settings.  The telepathy also allowed diversity.  The narration wasn't limited.  I learned about Eleisha from Eleisha.  Wade from Wade.  Phillip from Phillip.  As a reader it is much appreciated when I have an array of view points. 

What confused me is Dominick.  I wasn't too sure if I was suppose to hate or like him.  He had a rough time dealing with his psychometry powers.  The first killer he ever sees, some 15 years prior to this novel, happens to be a Vampire.  After years, finally finding this face that has haunted Dominick it makes sense that he would go after justice.  Clearly, he does go off the deep end but I have some understanding as to his actions.  What I am getting at is the intended bad guy is not w/o a doubt bad.   Despite, my confusion on Domnick's character there is a clear nemesis, Julian.  So, not to worry there is someone to hate.

What I was hoping for was romance.  There is a hint at romance but (this might be the first time I am saying this since I am a huge romance freak) I am glad the romance did not progress much further then what was there.  After a confession of love is made I was kinda thinking *huh*  I didn't see how that came about at that time.  It was borderline close to being a rush relationship had it gone that route.  Not very fulfilling at all.

All in all, I can't help but feel something's missing in the story.  I am still a bit unclear as to what kind of vampires this lot is.  I have no particular Vamp qualities I flock too- so be it if they sparkle (lol) or glow green eyes (Bones tribute).  What is the hierarchy like if there is any?  Are there other bumpty bump creatures of the night?

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