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Effortless by S.C.Stephens

Effortless (Thoughtless, #2)Effortless by S.C. Stephens

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I didn't think a second book would be a good idea - I thought the first one ended in a good spot - i thought anything after that would have been an overkill - Boy was I wrong!!!

A continuation of the novel, Thoughtless... 

A lot can happen in a year. You grow, you change, you learn from your mistakes. And Kiera had made a lot of mistakes to learn from. But she had learned, and she was determined to never cause a man pain again, especially the amazing man who currently held her heart. But life offers new challenges for every relationship, and when Kiera’s love is put to the ultimate test, will it come out the other side unscathed? 

Love is easy…trust is hard

Jen's Review

If you haven't read Thoughtless - I don't recommend this one first - the books flow together and don't repeat a lot of the history, so if you don't know what happens in the first book, this one wouldn't make any sense at all. Sorry :) 

This book wasn't quiet as emotional as the other one - sure it had a lot of ups and downs, but Kellan, the sweetheart that he is, made their separation so much easier on her.

Here's what it's about -

Kellan and Kiera are finally together. They're taking things slow - REALLY Slow! after 3 dates, they finally kissed . They knew the spark was there. but they needed the emotional connection in order to make their relationship work. it wasn't until after 3 months of dating that they actually "got together" and she still refused to move in with him. She wanted to make sure she could be happy on her own without depending on him to make her happy..

Kiera had grown up a LOT since Denny left. She learned a lot from her mistakes. but her life was happy. She was happy..

Matt was working hard getting the band new gigs and getting them out there.. He actually scored them a spot at Bumbershoot! The very music festival that their "friendship" had started growing from the last book.

This was HUGE! The guys were so excited, and the girls, Jenny and Rachel, both Matt's and Even's now girlfriends were as thrilled at Kiera was!

And the Three of them were there to cheer them on.

And of course, after the show, the girls, the fans - it bugged Kiera, but she was dealing with it. She saw the look in Kellan's eyes when they locked with hers, and she knew those fans didn't stand a chance :)

She was happy. Life was good...

Then out of nowhere, Matt, Even, and Griffin walk in the bar and announce to Kellan that they were picked! Out of all the bands at Bumbershoot, they were picked to go on the band tour! They were so excited - well, everyone but Kellan. He told them no way.. he couldn't do it.. 6 months leaving Kiera, it wasn't going to happen... but when Kiera looked over at him from the bar, she could see he was struggling with something.

They went out into the parking lot. But her reaction wasn't what he thought it would be.. He remembered when Denny told her he was leaving for Arizona. He remembered holding her while she cried...
"I remember Kiera. I remember when Denny left you.. what it did to you. I remember how we got together."
He thought if he left, I'd cheat..

but now after telling her that they picked his band and they would be gone 6 months... She was ... Happy for him...

"Do you think I loved Denny more, because it bothered me so much when he first told me he was leaving?"
Shrugging, his smile turned sad. "Can you blame me for thinking that?"
"I love you more. I love you enough to let you go and live your dream... Don't you see??

So with that said, they had one month to be together before the band left. And they lived it up. The month went so fast, that she didn't even know where it went.

The Friday before he left, they woke up together... he even went to her classes with her and told off Candy for being a jerk to Kiera :) He cherished her and made it the perfect day for her.

Saturday night was the bands last show at Pete's. People congratulating the 4 guys, and buying them drinks left and right. Kiera was happy she finally got to drive Kellan's car :)

After she closed up, they went to Matt's house for their final farewell party. And what a party it was!! Jenny, Rachel and her sister Anna was there for all their guys, along with their friends and fans. The party went on. When Griffin offered a drink to Kiera, she shook her head. Wanting to enjoy the last night sober, since Kellan wasn't - but Kellan talked her into having a few drinks. He said he didn't want her to think about him leaving tomorrow, and crying as the hours passed by. She agreed. Somehow she got suckered into a drinking game and then things really took off :) (You'll love this party, I promise :)

The next morning, she was pretty humiliated by her behavior at the party, but Kellan couldn't have been happier. She had a good time, and it will be a night she'll never forget.

Taking the guys to the bus station where they would be leaving soon, the tearful goodbye for everyone

Just as the bus pulled out, Jenny, Rachel, Anna and Kiera waved at their men. After a few mins, they turned to Kiera and told her that they promised Kellan that they wouldn't let her mope around.

"He talked to all of you?? I can't believe my boyfriend assigned my friends to be my keepers... like I'd be popping Prozac and walking along bridge rails once he lft." Smiling she laughed a little "That jackass."
Then her cell phone rang and it was Kellan. He was happy to hear that his "troups" were keeping her occupied so she didn't mope.

Good, then part one of my plan has been successful." I blinked, tilting my head. "Part one? Wait... what plan? Chuckling a little, he murmured, "Just a little something to keep you occupied while I'm gone."

Let me tell you, his "Plan" was BRILLIANT! It was sweet, it was ... *sigh* Really a great thing for their relationship..

Not to say everything was peachy keen after that :) 6 months is a long time to be apart - it's a strain on any relationship, especially one where both people are keeping secrets???

Yeah - it happens - GREAT Story! I was told there will be another book to this series coming out someday - Like I thought with this one, I hope it doesn't over kill this couple - but after reading this one.. I just don't want to give up on these guys yet!! I can't wait to find out when it comes out :)

The author has a video for this book (The first one had one too, but it was a little too much "skin" showing for this blog :)
WARNING on this video, it's probably a strong PG - since this is a romance book, I'm sure you can figure out why :)

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