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Review: Torn (Umba's of Wekari Trilogy, #1) by K.D. King

December 1st 2010 by Red Sage    Torn by K.D. King

December 1st 2010 by Red Sage
Anaria Okam breathes war. She lives for vengeance. Wekari, an enemy planet, took the most precious thing from her –her mother. Though her mother lives in body, she is broken in spirit. Since the time Anaria could understand words, her father, ruler of the planet Loden, instilled in her the need to seek vengeance and destroy Wekari.

While trading goods on the neutral planet of Atlzo she spots the enemy, Marshall Kalil Umba, leader of the Wekarian armies. Seizing an opportunity, she follows him. As she gets close to him, her body lights with need. Then the embers of desire cause her whole body to glow.

Kalil, of the space ship Destruction has finally found his mate. He realizes she is a warrior from the enemy planet of Loden. He captures her. Now he must make her trust him, love him, and leave everything she has ever known.
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What a surprise.  I absolutely loved the characters especially Anaria. She is strong, brave, and smart.  I will forever be tempted to read a novel that describes the leading woman as a warrior.  Anaria is not only the of royal blood on her planet but she is commander of her own ship with surmounting experience.  Kalil is of the same ranking and experience but on a different planet.  Little do they know that their lives will forever intersect.

Torn is a novella which means everything happens rather quick.  So I have a feeling that some will say the mating and conflict that occurs happens in a blink and it really does but I do believe K.D. King did a fantastic job within the length.  In the same breath I would agree with them.  Given additional length more could have been achieved but I enjoyed what was present.  I am a sucker for soul mates. Overall, The novella felt complete with a main plot, developed characters, conflict, resolution and then a hint of something more to come and I will definitely be reading it.

Trailer for Torn:

Looking at K.D.'s website here is the blurb for the sequels in this trilogy-
Trapped (Umba's of Wekari Trilogy, #2)
Determined to crack a system to help his brother find his mate Carron Umba, aka The Panty Pirate, stumbles upon a secret cargo export. Planning to steal the goods, he runs across La'Kyla his glowing mate. Too bad she is less than enthused to find him. She fights to guard her heart and her secret.  
Trapped (Umba's of Wekari Trilogy, #3)
Finally King Ardonis Umba has found his mate. She is an earthling who thinks she is an asexual. Asexual? King Ardonis has never heard of such a thing. The men of her planet lacked the prowess to give Biana the special kind of loving she needs.  Bianca Spicer is kidnapped by some hulking giant that says she is his mate. That might explain the glow, but she is an asexual. So why does her body hunger for his touch? He helps her uncover hidden desires and unknowingly help end the war that has plagued the galaxy for so long.

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Blueicegal ♥ said...

"embers of desire cause her whole body to glow." LOL a little to cheesy for me. Glad that the book peaked your interest though, I'll be curious to see what you think of the others :)

♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ said...

hahaha- I love cheesy. The whole soul-mate stuff drives me crazy. LOL!!!

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