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Review: The Devil's Kiss (Billi SanGreal, #1) by Sarwat Chadda

Devil's Kiss

What would you think if you seen a teen-aged girl show up daily sporting cuts and bruises?
Well, Billi SanGreal knows all too well what people think when they see her.  What may appear as abuse is
Billi's intense training.  She is not your average fifteen your old living in London, she is the only female in the Knight's Templar.

Arthur SanGreal, is father to Billi and Master of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Jesus Christ of the Temple of Solomon. Once the most powerful organization in Europe and filled copiously with warrior monks is now comprised of a couple of teenagers and a handful of men.  Arthur is cold and great at his job- ridding the earth of wickedness.  He treats his daughter harsh and pushes her to be better- fight better.

After losing her mother, Billi has been training to be a Templar at her father's orders.  It is a life she does not choose and she battles with being a warrior and being a normal teen.  Her only friend Kay, the Templar's Oracle, leaves her to train in Jerusalem.  But while he is away for a year she misses him and it angers her that he does not make contact with her.  When he returns, Kay wants things to be the same but they are not.

As Mike enters, Billi explores little of what it means to be a teen girl.  Mike seems to understand her and is attracted to her.  Mike makes Billi feel different;y then the warrior she has been training to be and she welcomes it.

When Kay touches a portal into The Ethereal Realm through a Cursed Mirror events begin to occur one after another.  The Angel of Death wants that mirror at all costs.  Within it lays his evil force- longing to be set free and reek havoc.  Unexplained deaths are occurring in London and as the truth is discovered the Templars are gearing up for a battle one that if lost will bring suffering to the world. 

Billi's character is well written.  I believe that she is a young gal struggling and torn with her life.  She desperately wants the affections of her father and who can blame her esp after having lost your mother.   The scenes are described with imagery, I especially liked the description of Kay opening into The Ethereal Realm.

As I read reviews I see that many negativity comes from lack of mythology use in the novel but since I have little knowledge of The Knight's Templar it was entertaining for me.  There were parts that I thought was rushed- like Mike, for instance.  Seems to me that his true colors popped out quicker then I thought should have.

The ending has a twist that I did not see coming.  It's rather bittersweet - too bad for me that I prefer sweet over bitter any day so I did tear upa bit at the ending.  I liked this one and will be looking into the Books 2.

 October 2010 

 The Dark Goddess (Billi SanGreal, #2)

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Beth ( said...

Interesting concept. Thanks for sharing! If I hadn't of seen it here I don't think I would have picked it up if I saw it in the bookstore! Shall be keeping an eye out for it! :)

Chas @ LLL in the 808 said...

@ Beth. It was an interesting novel and I liked reading it but with I suggest the library!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I had seen this one a little while ago and thought it sounded good. I am glad you enjoyed it. I am going to have to think about adding this one to the wishlist. :) Thanks!

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