Monday, April 26, 2010


ShadowFever Teaser from KMM's Newletter.
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Here is the teaser:
Flanking V’lane’s caste—which I assume is the highest ranking by how the other castes seem to protect it—are the stuff of fairytales. There are rainbow-colored, delicate Fae that dart like hummingbirds on gossamer wings; silvery nymphs that dance on dainty feet; and others that I can’t even see, except for blinding trailers of light they leave behind as they move. They’re so brilliant and fiery, they could only be earthbound stars.

I scoff at the delicacy of his army.  They’re ethereal, born to wisp about, seduce, and be served.
Mine is earthy, solid. Born to gorge, kill, and rule.
We stalk toward each other, down a snow-filled street.
Where Seelie feet touch the earth, the snow melts with a hiss. Steam rises and flowers push up through cracks, blooming brilliantly, anointing the air with the scents of jasmine and sandalwood. The Seelie end of the street is bathed in golden light.
Where my army’s hooves and scaled bellies pass over the stones—a crust of black ice forms. The night embraces us; stealthy shadows, we ooze forward from the blackness.

Any Fever fans!? What do you think?
BTW, if you are going to FeverCon- I will forever envy you!


Melissa said...

I may read Dreamfever next month. Depends on my tbr. :) Makes me want to read it more!

Chas @ LLL said...

hahaha... our TBR never gets smaller! but for that I am happy... no short supply of great novels!

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