Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Spartacus: Blood and Sand"

I swear to be burned
chained, beaten
or die by the sword
in pursuit of honor. 

Last night I watched the first 2 episodes of  
"Spartacus: Blood and Sand"

I am intrigued with this time era.  The arena and gladiators.

I read some reviews prior saying Spartacus is a reminder of 300 and I agree. 
There is a fantasy quality to how the show is made.  The blood and visual are a bit much for me-
Yes, I am grossed out so I close my eyes several times.  

The story line is wonderful and inspirational and exciting.  I want nothing more then to
have Spartacus demolish Glaber.

The cast, imo, is great.  Everyone looks the part accept for Batiatus (John Hannah)- I 
feel sorry for Lucretia (Lucy Lawless) bc I wouldnt want to kiss that after looking around;)
On the same subject, I hate her bright hair- too fake.

Okay, so I loved the first two episodes but I really do not
like nudity of any kind.  Call me old fashion? call me whatevers but
I like my eyes for my husband only.

But looking at gorgeous faces and  finely tones bods is a whole other arena!=)

Hmmm, I wonder what it is like to have a infinite legacy.  A name and a story
to hold up against the passing of time.

Bloggers, what kind of legacy would you
like to leave behind?

Are there any up to date viewers of this show?
How are you liking it thus far?


Melissa said...

I don't have that channel, but it sounds interesting. I don't mind skin. ;) As for the legacy... I don't know. I guess that I made the difference for at least one person in my life.

Chas @ LLL said...

I agree Melissa. I would be happy to just a positive impact on just one life but I will strive for more.

Chas @ LLL said...

I would love to read this in book form!

Jan von Harz said...

I am a fan, and believe me it is an addicting series despite all the blood and guts.

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