Sunday, April 25, 2010

Review: Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry Trilogy, #1) 

 Ummmm mmmmm.... The Reformed Bad Boy.  
(Well, maybe not so much Bad Boy but bad enough)
Let me say, there is nothing better then a romance of 2 people who seem so far separated to only learn that they are everything alike.  

Alex, a hardened and feared gang member--and not even of full legal age-- from the wrong side.
Brittney, a seemingly has-it-all girl from the right part of town carrying along in her merry dandy life.

Who would have thought that the hardened gang banger is not as tough
and the seemingly has-it-all has not so much.

Perfect Chemistry explored the tale of two different worlds intertwining 
and mingling in one.  Alex, a representation of one and Brittney of the other.
The world is a high school setting which often times can very well be a battle field.
Rumors, gossip, nasty remarks and ignorance thrives in high school halls
but as we see in Perfect Chemistry there may just be more then meets the eye.

Readers are taken along a beautiful love story with Alex and Brittney steering the way.
They are not your run of the mill teenagers. 
Alex is in deep trouble and those who call the shots are not so forgiving.
Brittney is heavily burdened with the upkeep of a facade no teen girl should bare- or
anyone for that matter.

Together they make discoveries of the worlds they come from, they break one another's facades
and more importantly they discover themselves.

Readers will not be disappointed. In fact, we are treated to an epilogue some 23 years later.  It was a teeny weeny glimpse but I am willing the grasp at that wee bit more- anything to extend a
fascinating read.

Personally, I enjoy YA Romance because I believe in love even young love-maybe especially young love.
Granted it may not lead to marriage but it is still worthy of being named love.
Is it not?

 Please feel free to link your reviews.
I love reviews and found Perfect Chemistry through blog reviews.


blueicegal said...

Ahhhh i see you adore it just as me, trust me i couldn't stop thinking about him rather *sigh*

you can chek out my review here!:)

dArLyN said...

Nice review. I so wanted to read this soon..

elizabeth said...

Great review! I have not read this book yet, but I want to.

Christina T said...

I'm so glad you loved it! I am currently reading Rules of Attraction (I am in the middle of another book but I just couldn't wait to read it) and I love it so far. You get to see more of Alex and Brittany too because Carlos is sent to Colorado to live with his brother. I think you'll like Rules of Attraction too.

Great review! I like YA romance too maybe because of the intensity of the emotions and attraction as well as the whole sweetness of first love thing. I know that a lot of teen romances end in breakup but I do know someone who has been happily married to her high school sweetheart for over 40 years so it does work out sometimes.

Chas @ LLL said...

I agree Christina... I've been with my HS Sweetheart for 10 years now!=)

I can not wait to read Rules of Attraction!!=)

Melissa said...

Aw, your comments and this review has me thinking about reading it now. Thanks for the review!!

deltay said...

It's always cool to find new books through blogs [& reviews], isn't it? :)

The Bookish Type said...

This was an intriguing review! This sounds like a captivating novel - I'll definitely have to check it out! Thanks for the review!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

awesome review! i can't wait to read this one!

vvb32 reads said...

yes, yay for young love. and i wanted to raise my hand for the shadowfever post (comments aren't activated for it). i've recently read book one and enjoyed it. plan on reading the rest of the series too.

Chas @ LLL said...

Thanks vvb32 reads for calling it to my attention!=) Comments are now activated! Thank you!!
Btw, I am always happy to find another fan!=)

Beth said...

I've seen this on quite a few book blogs & I've been debating on adding it to my TBR list.

I enjoyed your review and I think I'll check out if the library has a copy!

Great review! :)

Chas @ LLL in the 808 said...

I hope your library has it Beth! The second book is waiting at the library for me to pick up!

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