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Reckless by Priscilla West - Reivew


Everything about him warned me to stay away.

I’d seen bad boys before, but he had it all and more. The rippling muscles covered in tatts, the piercing eyes hiding dark secrets, the silky voice that could make a girl come with just a whisper . . .

He was exactly the type of guy that would get me in trouble, but when he jumped off the stage, inked skin glistening with sweat and breathed his seductive words into my ear, I couldn’t resist the temptation.

It was supposed to be the best one-night stand of my life, but fate didn’t let it play out that way. Things happened. I got upset. I got hasty. And worst of all, I got reckless.

After that disaster, I thought it was the last I’d see of him. But what I didn’t know was that I’d started something.

Something that could shatter the very thing I had worked so hard to protect.

I should have known back then that the most seductive things in life are also the most dangerous.

Jen's Review - My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great story! I'm a sucker for rock stars - Jax hasn't always lead the life of a rock star, but he's survived and he got his break.

The Hitchcock band is top of the charts and everyone wants a piece of Jax

Riley had a chance encounter with the hot rock star before she knew who she was - and when she finally got around to reading the email from her boss saying she is going on tour with a band to help them budget their finances, she knew this was the break she needed to get ahead in her job.

The connection between Jax and Riley was great - she never thought she'd see him again after that night at the bar. She vowed that her job was what was important so she wouldn't go near him.

Jax is very good at getting what he wants. Making deals and bets - and he knows he wants Riley. But what would it cost him to keep her in his life, and to keep his past private.

I hated the cliffhanger - but I'm anxious to read the next book this fall :)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Blink of Her Eye by Angelica Thaddeus Book Blitz - Giveaway!

The Blink of Her Eye Book Blitz

eBook Cover - The Blink Of Her Eye
Book Title: The Blink of her eye Author: Angelica Thaddeus Genre: Erotica/Romance/Mystery Thriller Release Date: January 2014 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions
A STEAMY, ROMANTIC, MYSTERY THRILLER THAT SEDUCES YOUR BODY AND MIND THE BLINK OF HER EYE will entice you, excite you and leave you asking for more. A must read for those seeking a blend of romance, mystery and eroticism. While investigating patient complaints as the hospital’s compliance officer, Anika is attacked by a man claiming she murdered his wife. After wickedly seductive Gabriel rescues her, she knows she isn’t quite dead when all she thinks about are his eyes devouring her in a single glance. As Anika recovers, she receives a note urging her to ‘Stop the Murders.’ But she’s clueless as to who is about to be killed. Bewildered, she accepts Gabriel’s offer to unravel the mystery behind the message. With the death toll rising, Gabriel refuses to deny his erotic compulsion for Anika while tracking down the murderer. Equally consumed by her own insatiable passions, Anika leaves them both vulnerable to life-threatening dangers. Their obsession to be together will either save or destroy them as well as hundreds about to be killed. GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY Intended for mature audiences.

   Angelica was born, bred and raised in Buffalo, NY. Over the years she has worn many hats: babysitter, bakery sales clerk, hospital cafeteria worker, usherette, corporate manager, VP and health care consultant to national corporations, to name only a few. She has an affinity for entertaining with her stories and connects with people through her dramatic flair. Angelica loves to travel and has been known to try almost anything at least once. She has an outrageous sense of humor and uses it to put people at ease. Hockey is her favorite sport and she is an avid fan of both the Buffalo Sabres and the New York Rangers. Her keen interest in the works of Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling developed into a fascination with mysteries ever since her preteen days. A romantic at heart, Angelica has high hopes for love triumphing over all. Angelica is an avid supporter of soldiers and veterans who serve and have served the US and would like to draw attention to their pressing needs through her works.

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Angelica was born, bred and raised in Buffalo, NY. Over the years she has worn many hats: babysitter, bakery sales clerk, hospital cafeteria worker, usherette, corporate manager, VP and health care consultant to national corporations, to name only a few.

She has an affinity for entertaining with her stories and connects with people through her dramatic flair. Angelica loves to travel and has been known to try almost anything at least once. She has an outrageous sense of humor and uses it to put people at ease. Hockey is her favorite sport and she is an avid fan of both the Buffalo Sabres and the New York Rangers.

Her keen interest in the works of Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling developed into a fascination with mysteries ever since her preteen days. A romantic at heart, Angelica has high hopes for love triumphing over all.

Angelica is an avid supporter of soldiers and veterans who serve and have served the US and would like to draw attention to their pressing needs through her works.

<a href=""><img class="alignnone size-large wp-image-5637" src="" alt="excerpt" width="490" height="126" /></a>

<em>Savage sneaks back to my bedside shortly after midnight. I sense he's looking to score more than pillow talk. His athletic physique is packed with sensual innuendo, even in the dim obscurity surrounding him. He’s taller than I remember and built like Michelangelo's David. I focus on the bulge under his fly.</em> <em>It’s obvious he has well-hung genitalia. I am ready to surrender unconditionally, even before shifting my attention above his beltline. </em>

<em>I yearn to rip off his shirt and run my hands over his toned, naked chest as he kneels beside me and glides his tongue across his lips. "Couldn’t stay away," he whispers into my ear, peeling back the covers. </em>

<em>He entwines my arms around his neck and helps me sit. His massive hands slip under the slit of my hospital gown and slowly skim my naked back. He teases me with his fingers leisurely brushing the sides of my breasts. It takes every ounce of my will-power not to tear off the gown and tempt him with my already fired-up nipples.   </em>

<em>Savage collects my hair, drapes it across my left shoulder, and slides a pillow behind me.   He presses his sinfully bold lips into the side of my neck. His open mouth glides up and down my skin while he gives a long lick with the tip of his tongue. Instinctively, I flex my shoulders, and tremors of delight shoot through me. He begins gently sucking his way over to my ear. His tongue pokes inside, sending shivers down my spine. "U-mm," I murmur.</em>

<em>His fingers dance across my shoulders, and his lips nibble over to my cheek. He slips an index finger inside my mouth. Impulsively, I begin to suck as his eyes lock on mine. My body craves his touch, writhing with expectations of his next move.</em>

<em>"I have something special for you,” Savage takes in a deep breath while pulling his finger out of my mouth. He reaches down to the floor and hands me a thin box laced with gold ribbon. I slip off the ribbon and unwrap the rose-patterned paper. A white, see-through chemise is tucked inside. </em>

<em>“Should I model this for you?” </em>

<em>The corners of his mouth slide into a slight uptick. His domineering hands begin to explore my bare thighs with masterful strokes as I slide them apart. Tracing imaginary lines up and down each leg, his touches are deliberately slow. I savor each insanely intense tingle. Savage’s eyes widen, and he tempts me out of bed. Standing behind me, he unties my hospital gown, eases it off my shoulders, and tosses it into the corner. My inhibitions are gone as I stand there in complete nudity. He reaches around and tweaks my nipples, which are already standing at attention. I arch my back against his chest. His erection pokes through his jeans. “Take me,” I beg. “Take me now.”</em>

<em>"Beautiful." He lashes his tongue across my shoulders and forcefully grinds his hips into me. </em>

<em>Savage turns me around, and he sits on the edge of the mattress. His eyes are playing with me as they dance up and down my body. There is little time to think how I can pleasure him as he draws me in, spreads my legs apart with his knee, and holds the small of my back with one hand. Reaching down with his other hand, he catches hold of my pubic tendrils, twirling them and then parting my outer lips. He glides two fingers inside me, penetrating with slow methodical thrusts. I’m getting loose, every inch of me throbbing from the increasing intensity. </em>

<em>"Don’t' stop," I plead as he pokes around the folds of my warm, moist pleasure box, hitting spots never explored by another man. I claw his shoulders while my hips respond to the mad, whirling sensations in my pussy.</em>

<em>Still maneuvering his fingers inside me, he buries his face in my cleavage. Savage pinches a nipple with his teeth, and I grab his head, pulling him in closer. He slides his fingers out and shoves me onto the bed. A raw hunger rages through me. He strips off his jeans and t-shirt and buries me under his massive torso. He groans through gritted teeth. </em>

<em>Dominated by his weight, I curl my legs around his back. I desperately want him in me. His tongue explores the contours of my face and teases open my lips. His mouth feasts on mine as we kiss, our tongues taunting each other. </em>

<em>I moan quietly as we playfully wrestle. I flip Savage on his back and kneel between his outstretched legs. His muscular thighs capture me. I massage his groin and gently squeeze his balls. His erection is larger than I had imagined. I flitter my fingers down the shaft before grabbing firmly. I encircle the tip with my tongue, poking under the ridge. My tongue flicks back and forth, and I begin sucking as he glides deeper down my throat. I feel a fullness</em>—

Damn!On the brink of pushing Savage into ecstasy, I woke with the urgent need to pee. Crushed by the realization my vivid fantasy was just that—a pipedream—I crept to the restroom. Upon returning, I stumbled over my purse and found a note wrapped around its handle. I winced at its scribbled message: <em>‘STOP THE MURDERS.</em>’

Even though I knew nothing about Savage, I wondered if he’d know what to do. Fate had dropped him into my life for some reason. Call it a gut feeling or a woman’s intuition, I knew that any teeny buzz floating up from my subconscious should never be ignored. I had to stop the murders.


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Sweet Affection by Grace Henderson Cover Reveal - Giveaway

Sweet Affection
Book Title: Sweet Affection (Truth, #3 Reflection, #2) Author: Grace Henderson Genre: Contemporary Romance 18+ Release Date: September 2014 

 You can choose your friends… When Laurel Matthews had a one night stand with self-confessed ladies’ man James Dawson, little did she know that in him she’d find the type of relationship she thought only existed in fairy-tales. They’ve gone through a dark tunnel filled with exes, drama and heartbreak, and are now firmly basking in the light at the other end. Having to navigate the world of a committed relationship, something neither of them are used to, provides it’s challenges though. Especially when both their careers seem to be reaching heights they only dreamt of. But James and Laurel have the love and support of their friends and family, and love can conquer all, right? …But you can’t choose your family. Tyler Reid is a drifter. Drifting carelessly through bars, women, and life in general ever since he was fifteen. If there’s anything life’s taught him, it’s the only person he can rely on is himself. So when he gets the call from his mother, summoning him to a sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere, his first reaction is to blow straight through on his Ducati, leaving as much destruction in his wake as possible. That is, until he meets the blonde haired angel who seems like she wants to make it her mission to save him. Determined he can’t be saved, he pushes back, his mind set firmly on keeping his distance. But fate has other ideas, and he quickly becomes entangled in a close-knit group of friends who will ultimately see everything he’s tried the past ten years to hide. James and Laurel’s story started in Sweet Reflection and as their love continues to grow so does their circle of friends and family. But how will they react when everything they’ve built together comes crashing down around them? One thing’s for sure. Their lives won’t ever be the same.

Sweet Affection2

Sweet Affection1

 When Grace  isn't working her day job, she is huddled in the corner writing or reading romance novels. Having always loved reading, it was only after changing jobs and having to put up with a long commute that it took over as an obsession. Now there isn't a day goes by that she lets her laptop out of sight. She lives in the UK with her husband and two cats, and has a BA in Business Management. She is a compulsive tea drinker and a sucker for a 'happily ever after.'

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Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover - Review

Ugly Love

When Tate Collins meets airline pilot Miles Archer, she knows it isn’t love at first sight. They wouldn’t even go so far as to consider themselves friends. The only thing Tate and Miles have in common is an undeniable mutual attraction. Once their desires are out in the open, they realize they have the perfect set-up. He doesn’t want love, she doesn’t have time for love, so that just leaves the sex. Their arrangement could be surprisingly seamless, as long as Tate can stick to the only two rules Miles has for her.

Never ask about the past.
Don’t expect a future.

They think they can handle it, but realize almost immediately they can’t handle it at all.

Jen's Review - My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This wasn't like Colleen's other books - this one had a little more emotional draw to it -

I totally loved it - At first it felt like a typical New Adult book - boy meets girl, girl falls in love with boy but boy wont allow himself to love her.

But there was more - we tip into little bits of Miles's past - we get the whole story as he lived it 6 years ago - and it's shocking

Where the story told by Tate is in the present - we get to see how she's falling for Miles - the strong connection they share, but he fights it off - and she's not allowed to ask questions.

I can't say I blame her about not telling him off - she had many oppertunities to do so - but she wasn't weak - she was strong, holding on to hope

Great story, told with a lot of passion - bring on the tissue :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Taming Ryder by Nicola Haken Cover Reveal

Taming Ryder-smashwords_1800x2700
Book Title: Taming Ryder (Souls of the Knight, #2) Author: Nicola Haken Genre: M/M Romance Release Date: September 2014 

 You met Ryder Richardson in Being Sawyer Knight. Now, this is his story. I’ve done it. I’ve stuck a whopping two fingers up at my parents, I’ve made a name for myself as one of the world’s biggest porn stars and I’ve finally found a family I belong in. Life is amazing. I get paid to do all my favourite things. Fuck. Party. Travel the world. What’s not to love? And then he comes along. Mason George – Back Door Studio’s newest exclusive model and the guy who has the potential to either fuck it all up, or take me on the best ride of my life. ~ Ryder I’m desperate. I’ve got nothing and nobody left. Entering the daunting world of adult entertainment is less of a dream and more of a necessity. Signing as Back Door Studio’s latest model has the ability to either ruin or make me, but I made a vow at my first audition never to let myself regret it. I continue to question myself each day, but no amount of what’s, why’s or what ifs will change where I am or where I’m heading. Am I strong enough to do this? To embrace it? To enjoy it? I have no idea. The only thing I’m certain of, is that if anyone can teach me who I’m supposed to be, it’s Ryder Richardson. ~ Mason  “Because the most exciting things in life always happen via the back door”


“Perfect! You’re getting into the spirit faster than I thought you would.”

“Why’d you say that?”

“I just get the feeling this isn’t your first choice sometimes. The porn I mean.”

Mason’s eyebrows furrowed, his eyes narrowing as he contemplated my words.

“Maybe it’s not. But I <em>chose </em>this, and as with every other job I’ve ever had I will give it my everything. To say I’m doing this because I’ve no other choice, like I’m being forced into it or only doing it because I’m desperate is disrespectful to both the industry and to <em>me</em>.”

“Hey, that’s not what I meant,” I said genuinely, worried I’d offended him.

“Oh I know you didn’t. I just wanted to put it out there, that’s all. I don’t know many people, but of those I do I know they’ll judge me for this when they find out. Too many people assume going into this industry means we’re either damaged, desperate or fucking whores who deserve to be seen as nothing more than a walking fuck hole.”

“Well fuck ‘em. Anyone who doesn’t see you for who you are isn’t worth knowing. We’re all in it for different reasons, and those reasons are no one else’s goddamn business. It’s just a job. A fucking <em>great </em>job, but still a job nonetheless.”

“You really think it’s a great job?”

“Sure I do! I love sex, and I get to fuck hot guys for a living. Who wouldn’t love that?”

“But it’s different, no? I know I’ve only done one scene, but it’s a whole different ballgame than when you’re intimate with someone.”

“I don’t do intimacy, so I wouldn’t know.”

“So, you’ve never had a relationship?”

“No. Not something I’m looking for.”

“You don’t think it’d work? Being in porn?”

“It’s got nothing to do with the porn. A few of the guys are in relationships. Gio’s been with his guy almost a year and they’re still going strong. It’s just not something I want, regardless of the career I’ve chosen.”

“You must get lonely though. We all do. Don’t you hope to find someone you can just… I don’t know, share things with one day? Be there for you?”

“No,” I said curtly, hoping my tone would be enough to stop him probing further.

Nicola Haken
Nicola Haken

Author of the New Adult/Contemporary novels Missing Pieces, Saving Amy and the Take My Hand series, and m/m erotic romance Souls of the Knight series.
I live in Rochdale, England with my wonderful family and when I'm not playing with my imaginary friends I can usually be found looking after my four adorable (sometimes!) children (six if you include the dogs, seven if you include the hubby!) or stalking gay porn stars! All in all I'm just an ordinary mum with an addiction to reading about hot book guys, writing about hot book guys, tattoos and Pepsi Max! Oh, and if my kids ever ask... I moonlight as the Pink Power Ranger ;-)

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Black Dog Nights by Ren Monterrey Review Blitz and Giveaway

new banner

Black Dog Nights One Cover
Book Title: Black Dog Nights Author: Ren Monterrey Genre: New Adult (Serial Novel) Release Date: August 8, 2014 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions

My student loans are due and I still haven’t found a job that pays more than minimum wage. So I decide to make an arrangement through The Club. I’ll get what I need…money to pay my loans. And he’ll get what he wants…access to my body…whenever and however he wants it. ROSE COLLINS is a recent art school graduate with overwhelming student loan debt and no way to pay it. JAE ROTHKO is a wealthy and renowned artist who doesn’t have the time or patience for a relationship. Jae joins The Club so he can have one woman when he wants and how he wants with no attachments and no expectations. He selects Rose to be that woman. BLACK DOG NIGHTS is a SERIAL NOVEL, which unfolds in THREE PARTS (approximately 80 pages each). EACH PART has a CLIFFHANGER and EACH PART is .99 cents. (That’s $2.97 for ALL THREE PARTS.)

  Ren Monterrey Teaser One 


By the time we get to The Rock Stop, the dance club is already crowded with twenty-somethings who all look eager to hook up with anyone who’s willing.

Two guys, who are already half-drunk, gawk at my breasts as I walk by. I wish there was another feature of my anatomy that garnered as much attention as my mammary glands.

I breathe a sigh of relief when I hit the relative safety of the bar area.

“What do you want to drink?” Cali yells over the loud Top Forty music.

“Would I look too conspicuous just holding a glass of water?”

She purses her lips at me. I tell her she looks like a duck when she does that but it doesn’t stop her.

“I’ll get you a beer. You don’t have to drink it but I don’t want you to embarrass me, or yourself.”

“Yes, Daffy,” I tease.

“I do not have duck lips,” she insists.

“You do when you pucker them like that.”

“I think you’re on crack.”

“Just get the beer.”

She waves in order to get the bartender’s attention but no such luck. He’s busy with a group of girls at the other end of the bar.

“Hey, Babe.” An arm reaches over Cali’s shoulder. “I wasn’t sure I’d see you tonight.”

David nods in my direction. “What’s up?”

He never addresses me by my name even though he’s been hooking up with Cali for over a year and I’ve seen him dozens of times.

David is the kind of guy I always hated in high school. His family has money and he’s never had to work a day in his life for anything. Cars, clothes, expensive vacations, you name it, and his parents have handed it to him on a silver platter. As a result he has a sense of entitlement that knows no bounds.

No doubt that’s why he feels like he can treat Cali any way he pleases and she’ll just keep coming back for more.

He runs his fingers through his short brown hair. I’m not sure whether it’s a nervous habit, or if he thinks that his fingers are like some kind of comb, but he does it all the time.

David is a good-looking guy in a frat-boy kind of way. Cali says he played baseball in high school, and he looks like he probably still plays sports. He’s not huge, but he’s definitely in good shape.

Cali met him at a frat party. Even though she’s never set foot in a college class she’s spent a lot of time at college parties. David likes to brag about the fact that he’s a business major. I don’t see what the big deal is though. I feel like business is a major for people who don’t really know what they want to do with their lives.

Not that I have any room to talk. Apparently I earned a degree for people who don’t really want a job.

Before I know it, Cali and David have disappeared somewhere and I’m alone at the bar.

I didn’t even want to come here in the first place.

I have a choice. I can leave or I can order a drink. After the day I’ve had a drink is actually starting to sound appealing.

As soon as the DJ starts mixing, nearly everyone moves to the dance floor. The bar area is now pretty empty except for a young woman seated at the far end. She glances up at me when I approach and gives me the faintest of smiles.

She’s an attractive blonde with stunning ocean blue eyes. She’s the definition of a blonde bombshell. She’s got curves that would give Marilyn Monroe a run for her money.

I order a Crantini and the bartender wastes no time filling my order.

“Tough day?” the blonde asks.

I nod.

“Have a seat.” She points at the stool next to her.


I climb onto the stool and take a sip of my drink. It’s strong and I cough a little as it goes down.

“Russ likes to make them strong.” She laughs. “Maybe he thinks he’ll get lucky at the end of the night.”

The bartender, who looks like he’s in his mid-thirties, is completely bald and built like a brick house. Definitely someone I would want to have on my side if a fight broke out.

“Are you waiting for someone?” I ask. She looks a little too dressed up for the place we’re in. It’s mostly a denim crowd and she’s in a little black dress and pumps.

“You could say that.”

I nod. A cryptic response, but I get the impression that she’s not going to say much more about who she’s waiting for.

“So what’s your story?” she asks.

I laugh. “Do I look like I have a story?”

“You definitely look like you have a story.”

“You’ve probably heard it a million times before.”

She glances at her watch. I can’t help but notice it’s a gorgeous Rolex. The blonde doesn’t look that much older than me. I doubt she’s even twenty-five. It makes me wonder how she can afford such an expensive watch. When I look at her more closely, I notice she’s also wearing a diamond tennis bracelet and huge diamond stud earrings. Also very expensive.

Maybe she’s like David and has a generous daddy with lots of money.

“I’ve got a few minutes before my friend gets here. Tell me this story I’ve heard a million times before.”

I take another sip of my drink. She’s right. Russ does like to make them strong.

“I recently graduated from art school. I have a fine arts degree but no professional job and no prospects. My student loans are set to go into repayment and I have no way to pay them. I’m barely making ends meet on my salary busting my ass at the local coffee shop. Pathetic, right?”

She shakes her head. “It’s not pathetic, but you’re right, it’s a story I’ve heard a lot. Maybe not a million times. Half a million tops.”

We both laugh. It feels good to laugh about it. At least for one night.

She reaches into her purse, a pricey Coach bag, and pulls out a business card. I expect her to hand it to me but she places it on the bar between us instead.

“I don’t do this very often but I feel bad for you, so I’m making an exception.” She points to the card. “You can pick it up if you want to, after I tell you what it’s about. Or you can leave it on the bar. It’s completely up to you.”

My curiosity is definitely piqued. When I glance down at the card I notice it only has two words: <em>The Club</em> followed by a phone number.

“What’s The Club?”

“It’s a kind of dating service.”

I frown. “Do I look like need a date?”

“No, but you said you need money. This is a special kind of dating service for extremely wealthy men.”

I assume that’s how she got her Rolex and other jewelry, but I don’t want to be rude by asking. “Are you saying it’s kind of like having a sugar daddy?”

She laughs. “That’s kind of an antiquated term but sort of. Most of the men in The Club are older and they have very specific tastes. Most of them want younger women, but more importantly, they want women who will be there whenever and however they want.”

I gulp. Then I whisper. “Are you talking about prostitution?”

She gives me a little smile. “Prostitution implies that you’re with multiple men and they’re paying you for sex. It’s not like that. It’s more like you’re being paid to be one man’s mistress.”

“Are they married?”

She laughs. “Some are. Some aren’t. Does it matter?”

“I think it would to me.”


It’s a good question. I’m not married. He’d be the one doing the cheating.

“Do you mind if I ask how much money you’re talking about?”

“That’s negotiable between you and the man who selects you. It’s called an arrangement. You can negotiate any sort of arrangement you want.”

“Could you give me a ballpark figure?”

“Usually between three and five thousand a month.”

My eyes grow wide at the thought of that kind of money. My salary at the coffee shop, even with overtime and tips, doesn’t come close to that.

“And that doesn’t include all of the perks. A lot of the men like to provide their girlfriends with generous gifts in addition to their arrangement.”

“You said a lot of the guys are older. How old?”

An image of a geriatric using a walker crosses my mind. I’m not sure I’d be able to have sex with someone that old, if he could still even have sex.

“The guy I have an arrangement with is fifty-four.”

That’s ten years older than my dad. I can feel my stomach churn. Am I really considering getting involved with some kind of club and being paid to have sex with a guy who could be older than my father?

The blonde leans in close. “Don’t let his age fool you. He can still perform in bed. And I only have to see him two days a week for a few hours. And my arrangement is non-exclusive. He doesn’t mind if I date other guys.”

“I don’t really date that much,” I confess.

“That’s even better. There are a lot of guys who want exclusive arrangements. Not many girls will commit to that.”

I stare at the business card for a few seconds. Is this something I’m actually considering? I’m just not sure. There’s no doubt that I need the money but I’m not sure about having sex with someone I don’t even know…for money.

“It’s really not that bad,” she insists. “I wasn’t sure at first either but you get used to it. And Alex can be a really sweet guy.”

She makes a point of pushing the business card a little closer to me. “At least meet with Claudia. You can always back out if a guy selects you and you don’t like him.”

I pass my hand over the card and hesitate for a moment. I feel like this is a pivotal moment. Like my whole life could change just by picking up the card.

I take in a deep breath then grab the card from the bar. Now that it’s actually in my hand I feel like calling the phone number is inevitable.

“Tell Claudia that December sent you.”

My eyes widen and I can’t help the look of surprise on my face. “Your name is December?”

She laughs. “It’s my real name too. And I wasn’t even born in December. My birthday is November 28. I was an early arrival. But my parents already picked out the name and they really liked it.”

She holds out a hand for me to shake. “December Reynolds.”

“Rose Collins,” I reply as I shake her hand.

“Claudia just accepted several new members into The Club and she’s looking for a few more girls. I think she’ll really like you. You’re cute and classy.”

I’m not sure whether to take that as a compliment. “Thanks,” I say anyway.

December looks at her watch. “I’ve got to split. I’m supposed see Alex in a few minutes.”

She hops down from her barstool then reaches into her purse, grabs two twenties and throws them on the bar. The drinks here aren’t cheap but they’re not that expensive. “The Crantini is on me. I’m sure I’ll see you around. Give my best to Claudia.”

Before I have a chance to respond, December is hurrying out the door.

. Ren Monterrey lives in a small town outside Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and their bloodhounds. She writes New Adult and Contemporary romance under a number of different pen names.

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Black Dog Nights One Cover
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